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Our hoodies are supporting homeless charities

At Hood & Doyle we are very passionate when it comes to the issues around homelessness. One of the main issues with homelessness is that it isn’t just the issue of not having a home for a person, it is the fact that homelessness often comes with other issues, often abuse and mental health problems.


It's not just adults that are facing homelessness, it's children too. Homelessness can also happen because someone has to leave the home they are in because it is badly maintained and a risk to their health. 


At Hood and Doyle, we want to make sure that as well as having a roof over their heads, people can get access to other treatments that can help on the road to permanent accommodation as well as sorting mental health issues, abuse and addiction issues. 

As we have mentioned before on the our pages, we strongly believe that a business that operates in a local community has a moral obligation to invest and give back to that local community. As individuals, we also feel that we as human beings, should always strive to look out for our fellow men and women, especially those that find themselves to be less fortunate than ourselves. 

To us, the charitable side to Hood and Doyle is not just a ‘nice to do’ element of the business. It is part and parcel of why we wanted to start the business in the first place. We wanted to run a business, not just for ourselves and our customers, but also as a means to contribute to the society in which we live, to help the local community in a way that is continuous, systematic.  We believe businesses, operations, however you want to term it, should stand for something more than just a profit & loss spreadsheet. As well as striving to continuously improve, become bigger and better, means that the local community continuously benefits from that growth and improvement as well, not just people’s bank balances or shareholders premiums.

The more we benefit, the more the charity we support benefit. It has to be a win-win situation for us, our customers and our local community and fellow citizens.

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For every hoodie purchased - how much will be donated to homeless charities?

We don’t want to be ‘vague’ with our customers and say for example , “10% of profits go to charity” so, for every

Hood and Doyle hoodie that we sell,

£4 will be donated to a local homeless charity. 


Northampton Hope Centre

Northampton Hope Centre

In terms of local charity, we will be supporting the Northampton Hope Centre with the money that we raise from our hoodie sales. Their amazing hard work helps people who are experiencing acute problems of disadvantage and marginalisation, including homelessness, addiction and mental health. We have supported this charity through food bank donations but wanted to do more to support all of the vital work that they do.  If you are local you might have heard of them through their local food drops in Sainsbury and other local retailers or perhaps your business is collecting food for them. 

As well as practical support, Hope focuses on making sure that people can help themselves, proving services and support that enable individuals to take back control of their lives. The aim is to also campaign to make sure that the causes of disadvantage and marginalisation that they have suffered are addressed on a local and more national level. 

In the Northampton area alone, there is currently around 40 people who are rough sleepers, squatters and sofa surfers. In terms of what the charity do, the below are some of the main activities and support they offer;


  • ‘Learning4living’ - helping people to learn new skills to help lift people out of poverty, not just to find employment but to help with self confidence and to combat addiction issues for example. 

  • ‘Hand Up Service’ - this is for those individuals in the most acute situations. At Oasis House in Northampton, there is a drop in centre from 11.30 till 1.30pm but appointments happen before and after these times for support on a one-to-one basis. Hot & Cold food is offered, showers, clothes, access to bank accounts, healthcare advice and services, housing assessment, benefits advice, mental health support and addiction support, as well as access to ‘learning4living’. Everyone is welcome, regardless of race / gender / culture. 

  • The Centre is open everyday including bank holidays and even on Christmas Day. 

From its humble beginnings as a way of feeding homeless individuals, the charity has expanded to essentially help anyone in need and has fallen on tough times. As indicated above, the charity is there to help people deal with loneliness, isolation, addictions, mental health problems, abuse, trauma, as well as people who are just acutely short of money to pay for even those most basic sustenance. 

It helps everyone, from emergency shelter, to feeding people, to helping with their mental state, to supporting people get new skills, making new friends, helping set up bank accounts to campaigning the local and national government to increase funding on a local and national level. 

If you would like to read more about all of the amazing work that the Hope Centre does, please visit their website here.

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