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Socially Good Hoods

Hood and Doyle Hooded Sweatshirt Range Includes a donation to charity

Unique Hoodie Range

We're passionate about designing hooded sweatshirts that not only look good, are made ethically and responsibly but products that are helping to do good too. So join us on this journey and find your unique Hood and Doyle unisex hoodie style.  

We sell lightweight hoodies starting at 280gsm, with heavier weight organic hoodies at 320gsm. Our thickest hoodies are the luxurious soft cowl necks at 330gsm. 

Meet our outdoors hoodies in a range of unique designs. You'll find luxury cowl neck hoodies, organic hoodies and light weight hoodies. Take our unique designed vintage hoodies on your next adventure!


We're passionate about getting out into the green and have designed a range of stylish hoodies are super soft and practical too. All hoodies sourced are ethically made and responsibly sourced and they are also PETA approved vegan friendly.

Not only will you be glad for the extra layer; rocking a unique look on the beach or in the pub garden, you'll also be doing good too.

Charitable Giving Hoodies: Help the Homeless

All of our hoodies include a £4 donation to UK homeless charities (local and national). So not only are you getting a great hoodie, you are also giving to a local and national homeless charity. You can find out more about that here. We will also keep you updated with our progress in this area and you'll be able to track how buying our hoodies has helped support these homeless charities. 

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