Mens navy cowl neck hooded

Bee Friendly Hoodie | Navy Cowl Neck Hoodie

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BEE FRIENDLY HOODIE: Bee’s are one of the most important creatures we have in this world. Their continued presence and role within nature is crucial for local eco-systems. We at Hood & Doyle are big bee lovers. We have bee friendly flowers in our garden and will rush out with some sugared water if any of the little flying wizards are struggling. Bee friendly is also about being helpful not just to bees but to our fellow humans. Even little gestures of friendliness, a smile, a helping hand can mean a huge deal to people especially if they are having a bad day. As bees like to spread pollen, our job as people is to spread some positivity and friendliness!


This luxuriously thick cowl neck hoodie is ideal for those cooler nights in the pub garden or to throw on before you take the dog out. We love these thicker hoodies, which are a staple in our wardrobe.


Colour: Oxford blue
  • Product Material

    70% ringspun cotton and 30% polyester


    Care Instructions

    Wash at 30 degrees on a gentle wash.

    Do not iron.

    Air dry your hoodie. Not only is it better for the environment but it will also help to increase the life of your hoodie.

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