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Socially Good Hoods: Our Hoodies Are Hoping To Make A Difference

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

As a sustainable fashion company, we are focusing on closing the circle of our garments. Our quality hoodies adhere to Sedex, which provide regulations for sustainable business practices. We also follow WRAP guidelines for humane work environments and our organic cotton hoodies are PETA approved vegan. We want to take this one step further by releasing a collection to raise money for homelessness charities. We’d also like to ask our customers to return the hoodies you’re no longer wearing, so we can donate them to The Hope Centre in Northampton. Here’s why this is such an important issue:

The rise in homelessness crisis

Public reports on rough sleepers increased by 36% in 2020, during the summer. This is unusual, as such alerts normally rise in winter, however, the pandemic has exacerbated the issues of homelessness. Many people have lost their jobs and livelihoods and have, sadly, become homeless as a result. Not to mention, housing and mental health are very closely linked and there are other issues at play here…

The link between mental health and housing

If you already have housing issues, poor mental health can make you unable to cope with them properly, putting you at risk of becoming homeless. Likewise, housing issues can also worsen existing mental health conditions.

One of the most prominent ways in which people have become affected during lockdown, aside from job loss, is domestic abuse. These incidents have seen a rise during lockdown, which, undoubtedly, makes people feel unsafe in their own homes. Feeling unsafe in your own home triggers mental health issues and it can also result in sleeping rough as a way to escape that environment.

Furthermore, existing mental health issues can also impact on the way you maintain the property and how you handle money. Failure to make payments on time or cope with the upkeep of your living space can also leave you homeless.

Supporting people in need

It is clear that homelessness charities and organisations will be under more strain than ever as we all witness the devastating effects lockdown has had on the homelessness crisis. If you or anybody you know are struggling, please reach out to the following charities:

Shelter or Crisis to help with housing:

Samaritans if you are unable to cope and are worried your mental health is getting much worse:

The Hope Centre, Northampton:

We are proud to support The Hope Centre as our chosen local charity. We hope that our lovely customers take part in returning hoodies that they no longer need also, to make a difference for people dealing with mental health and homelessness challenges. We shall be donating these to charity. For every hoodie purchased, £4 is donated to support these charities. Homelessness is a serious issue and any one of us can end up in a housing crisis situation or develop mental health problems that will affect it. Together, we can make a difference and move towards a society where everyone has a safe and welcoming environment to call home. As we have mentioned elsewhere in 2021 no one should be facing homelessness but with the recent pandemic and impact to livelihoods, as well as UK housing shortage many do. More information on our socially good hoods can be found here and the amazing work that the Hope Centre, Northampton does.

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