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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Industrial revolution has made it so easy for us to access anything we want – you could be thinking about a new outfit in the evening and receive it the next morning. Most of the time, you can find it cheap, with free delivery and even free returns. So, where’s the catch?

The fashion industry is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world.

To meet the demand for cheap, affordable clothing, the fashion industry has cut many corners in its supply chain – from unethical labour practices to unsustainable fabrics and creating immense amounts of waste. Less than only 1% of clothing uses recycled materials, which means most of our clothes end up in landfills. What’s even worse is that, even if you return your fast fashion item, it’s more likely to be discarded rather than resold to another customer. Two things that we shall be addressing at Hood and Doyle.

Of course, we all want to look and feel good. But it’s also our responsibility as consumers and fashionistas to understand where our clothing is coming from and leave a positive impact. How can we make sure we pick sustainable hoodies and other items?

Invest in quality clothing

Look out for more durable, sustainable fabrics, so you can wear your favourite garments again and again. Within our great quality hoodies range, we have sourced organic hoodies that use 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester mix. We are working to source more organic and recycled garments. This makes your favourite, super soft hoodie last longer and you can enjoy them for years to come. You will also find that a sustainable hoodie often needs to be washed at lower temperatures, reducing your carbon footprint even more.

We shall be starting a recycling initiative, whereby we will ask for you to send us your pre-loved hoodie. We shall be donating these to charity (once washed) to ensure that clothes avoid landfill.

Develop your personal style

Do you ever get a feeling that you have all these clothes but no cohesive outfits to wear? This comes from not knowing your personal style and throwing mismatched, trendy items together with no real thought behind them. We’d like to encourage you to spend some time finding out the colours, outfits and cuts you like. Think about what you do most of the day – if it’s working from home, most of your wardrobe may consist of cosy, hoodies rather than ‘going out’ tops. Try to pick items that are easy to match with existing clothes in your wardrobe. Developing your personal style will make your shopping choices much more intentional, and you’ll always look put together!

Change your attitudes to shopping

Sure, in the world of next and even same day delivery, we can have almost anything we want at accessible prices. But is it worth the environmental impact? Furthermore, is it even beneficial to you in the long-term? Fast fashion may seem cheap at first glance, but something they fail to mention is cost per wear. This is the amount of money each item costs every time you wear it. So, a £15 dress worn twice will be £7.50 per wear. On the other hand, a £47 cowl neck hoodie that you may wear one day a week for a year, will cost less than £1 per wear. That is a staggering difference, making your quality hoodies at least 85% cheaper when it comes to cost per wear. Therefore look for quality heavy weight materials, which have tougher fibres and are made to last.

Research the companies’ labour and environmental practices

Typically, if a retailer has a sustainable and ethical supply chain, they will tell you. But consumers are often confused by ‘greenwashing’ terms that are not actually true. Many companies will emphasise the use of ‘sustainable’ fibres, however, fail to mention their policies on workers’ rights. In fact, a shocking 77% of UK clothing retailers believed that modern slavery occurs somewhere in their supply chain. Not to mention that using environmentally friendly fibres alone doesn’t solve the problem if the business is not committed to recycling their clothing and closing the production loop.

We want all of our unique hand finished hoodies to do good too. That’s why we are using recycled materials and donating £4 for every hoodie sold, split between local (Northamptonshire) and UK national homeless charities. As fashion retailers, we think it’s our responsibility to lead by example and change the narrative of fast fashion. Our quality hoodies are made following WRAP guidelines for ethical labour practices and Sedex for sustainability. They are also PETA approved vegan and the hand printed materials are OEKO-Tec 100 certified not to contain harmful chemicals.

Look after your clothes, so they last longer

Last but by no means least, you can actually influence the cost per wear of your favourite garments, simply by taking care of your garments! Your sustainable hoodie will last even longer if you follow the instructions on the care label. Too often, we ignore these, which makes our favourite clothes wear out much quicker than they should. And when this might be one of your favourite super soft hoodies, it’s important you get to enjoy it again and again. We all know that garments can be washed at 30 degrees, many washing machines come with a quick wash option now, such as a 30 minute cycle at 30 degrees. Be sure to knot any ties in your clothes, this includes strings in drawstring bottoms as well as hooded sweatshirts.

Don’t tumble dry your clothes. Often this wears out the clothing as they rub against each other in the tumble dryer. This friction causes more bobbling on clothing and wear and tear on clothing fibres. For some clothes, they aren’t suitable to be tumble dried and will shrink. You can save on your own costs and help the environment by using less electricity. Often clothes may be fluffed up with a short dry once they have finished air drying.

We want your old hoodies

We are launching a new scheme where we want you to return your preloved Hood and Doyle hoodie to us. All that we ask is that it is in a good condition and don’t forget to wash it before you send it back, so that we may donate it to charity. To thank you for sending this to us, we will give you 10% off your next hoodie purchase. All of our hoodies include a £4 donation to local and national homeless charities.

In 2021, no one should be facing homelessness. Often poor accommodation and unscrupulous behaviour from landlords forces homelessness. However there are many reasons behind it. We shouldn’t have people sleeping rough or being forced to live in unacceptable, unhealthy and unsafe conditions. Find out more about the charities we are supporting here. We’ll be updating regularly with information on our donations, so that you may see where your money is going.

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