All you need to know about Hood and Doyle (FAQs)

Hood and Doyle hoodies

Who is Hood and Doyle?

Hood and Doyle is a Northamptonshire family business run by Rach and Rob. With a background working for large multinational companies (some household names) in both trading & marketing functions, we wanted to set up a business that reflected our beliefs and values, while supporting environmental and sustainable factors, investing in the local & wider community. Where possible we work with local suppliers, or UK based at a minimum and we are currently working at securing a UK based producer for our hoodies. “We’ve built a business that focuses on selling high quality, sustainably sourced and responsibly made hoodies. All of our hoodies are hand finished in the UK in our Northamptonshire design studio. We sell distressed-look vintage hoodies with unique designs on short design runs to enable us to control wastage”.

What are Hood and Doyle hoodie designs made of?

Many of the hoodies in our range have visible stitching to give a distressed vintage look. Our hoodies are made from cotton and polyester and some are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. We only use hoodies that have a minimum of 70% cotton content and check all of the hoodies supplied to us to ensure that they have the cotton content we were promised. Our hoodie designs are created on a raised vinyl that is stretchy, so that it will moved with the fabric. Because of the material we use, it is not advisable to tumble dry your hoodies. You shouldn’t anyway if you want to prolong the life of your hoodie.

​Is vinyl safe to wear?

At Hood and Doyle, we ensure that all of the products we used are tested to ensure that there are no hidden chemicals in the product. We use vinyl products which are certified to meet OEKO-Tex100 which means that there are no harmful chemicals or substances in the product. ​​​​​

Are Hood and Doyle’s hoodies handmade?

​The hoodie itself is not handmade, but all of the hoodie designs, hoodie tags, hoodie care cards are all designed by Hood and Doyle. We have sourced a locally based printer to print our hoodie tags and care cards, which means that we are able to invest in and support local businesses in our local community (as well as investing in a local charity). The designs are cut individually for every hoodie and every hoodie is made to order. We do not have a large warehouse with racks of pre-designed hoodies like larger clothing companies have. Once an order is received from our customer, the hoodie is then made to the specification design & colour combination ordered. This is why we cannot always guarantee a same day turnaround on your order.

Are Hood and Doyle’s hoodies made in the UK?

At the moment, we are sourcing hoodies from overseas but we are in discussions with UK based suppliers to take on the design and production of our hoodies. The plan is to switch all supply to the UK when it is feasible. We want to always reduce carbon footprint of the operation, invest into our local community and demand high quality materials from the supplier. Once we have a ‘home’ supply that ticks these boxes, all production and delivery will be from within the UK. Currently, we are working with producers/wholesalers to make this a reality sooner rather than later.

Hoodie sizes - womens and mens

These sizes are a guide, if you like your hoodies to be baggy then go for the larger size. The grey cowl neck hoodies and navy cowl neck hoodies come up a little larger, so trade down a size if you don’t like them too big.
Women’s S 8 - 10 M 12 - 14 L 14 - 16 Some of our women’s hoodies are available in boyfriend fit too. Remember that as the cowl neck hoodies have thumbholes, these hoodies have longer sleeves than other hoodies from the extra material. I love this as a tall gal but it is worth checking the sleeve size to make sure you are happy with it. As above, if you decide you don’t like the hoodie, you can return it to us unworn, with the tags etc. Full details on our refunds policy is available here. Men’s S 36 - 38 M 40 - 42 L 44- 46 We supply hoodies in small medium large, some hoodies come in extra small or extra large and we can source these at a small additional cost.

How will I know what the best fit for me is?

To ensure you get the best fit, measure a hoodie or item of clothing that you love weaning and match it to the sizes on our site. We are more than happy to exchange a product if you find that it doesn’t fit when you receive it. Just remember that we need to receive the hoodie back in saleable condition, unworn, with all of the original tags attached. Again, please refer to our full returns policy here but we aim to make it as headache free as possible! There is nothing worse or more frustrating than a poor returns service.

Hoodie Care

How should I care for my hoodie?

All of our hoodies are designed in a vintage style, with a distressed look. Please ensure that you follow the care instructions for your garment as these instructions are important to keep your hoodie looking good for longer! You will receive your hoodie in a fabric bag which will detail the care instructions on it. The vinyl applied to your hoodie is fine to be washed at 30 degrees, but go easy on the spin cycle. All of our products have been worn and washed by us numerous times so that we are confident of our hoodies, the vinyls durability and domestic washing machines. Our suppliers tell us it is OK but we like to check this out for ourselves. All of our vintage hoodies are to be washed at 30℃ and should not be put in a tumble drier.

Refunds, Returns, Exchanges

What if I change my mind about my hoodie? Can I have a refund?

As long as the hoodie is returned to us in the same state as it was when it was sent to you, and within 30 days of purchase (we give you a bit more time than the statutory 28 days) we will offer a full refund - no gift card, or credit note, you’ll get the money back that you paid for it. If it is after 30 days, we can then offer an exchange to the same value as the original purchase. As above, it is important that the hoodie has not been worn, still has all of the tags in tact and is sent back to us in the same condition it was received in the care packaging. Full details of our refund policy and exchange policy are available on our website.

In summary, it is important to us that our customers know there is a ‘no hassle’ way of returning your hoodie. You won’t be waiting ages for us to reply to your email in an unmonitored inbox. We want your shopping experience with hood and doyle to be an easy and enjoyable one, that doesn’t give you a headache!

What is your return process?

If something isn’t right, drop us an email at And we’ll respond with our process. No more waiting five days for someone to respond to your return request with a generic message. We’ll see how we can help. We offer a 30 day no quibble return, as long as your hoodie is returned with the original labels and in the packaging and in the same condition as it was sent to you; unworn. Find our full returns policy here.

Environmental policies

How do Hood and Doyle reduce waste?

We use recycled materials whenever possible. All the paper that we use with regards to labels, packaging etc is all recycled. We also ask our supplier base to make sure they use recycled materials where possible. We sell organic cotton and recycled polyester hoodies within our range and we are working to identify suppliers who can supply us with more sustainable hoodies. We can control what we do with our own business, but just as importantly, we, like other small companies, need to impress on the businesses we deal with to do the same. That way, we can accelerate the industry to change and reduce wastage on a far larger scale. In our view, we can’t rely on governments to enforce environmental best practice, we have to make it a ‘way of working’ from the bottom up. Everyone has to take ownership. We would also encourage customers to send back their old Hoodies to us. We can then make sure they are cleaned up, made good and then given to charity so that the recycling element goes full circle. We won’t sell your samples, or testing hoodies, nor will we sell hoodies to you at a reduced price if they have marks on them. Instead all of these good hoodies are given to charity, so that they can resell them in their shops or to be reused elsewhere. This completes our support of our local charities and maintains our socially good focus. What do you mean by “socially good hood”? We refer to our hoodies as ‘Socially Good’ because there is a societal advantage in making and selling the Hoodies. We believe that businesses have a moral duty to support the local community in which they operate/live within. To do this, to be good on a social basis, for us, means giving a lump sum from every sale to a local homeless charity as well as a national homeless charity. Rather than something vague, like ‘10% of profits’ when people will not know what profit is made, seems like a way for companies to make it sound ‘socially good’ when in reality, it could mean very little. At Hood and Doyle, we wanted people to know exactly how much of their money will go to the charitable cause. At the end of each month, we will highlight how much has been raised and show the monies being given to and received by the charity. You will be able to see this on our page here. Encouraging people to send us their old hoodies means we can also donate those items to the charity. In the winter months especially, hoodies are ideal for keeping warm and keeping out the cold! Particularly our heavyweight hoodies. We want to be fully transparent on this issue as it is part and parcel of why we set up Hood & Doyle in the first place. We would welcome any feedback on our charitable activities. If you want to share your thoughts with us, you are more than welcome to do so. Drop us a line here:

Do Hood and Doyle used recycled materials?

We use recycled materials on everything we can, even if that does mean we pay more. Again, we want to be fully transparent on this subject and can happily list all the items that are made from recycled products. The packaging, the hoodie Story tags, and care labels, the discount cards and all paper based elements are recycled. The vinyl we use, although not recycled, is not toxic. It conforms to OEKO-Tex100 which is the industry standard testing of products for harmful materials. The hoodies that we choose are organic cotton and recycled polyester. Once we are larger we shall have more buying power to demand more from our suppliers. So we won’t just make do and will continue to push on in this area.

How environmentally friendly are printed hoodies?

We only use ‘Non Toxic’ vinyl on our Hood & Doyle Hoodies and the hoodies are made partly from recycled polyester and organic cotton wherever possible. We advise that all hoodies are washed at 30 degrees, on a gentle wash and are air dried.

Ethical and reponsible sourcing

Placing Your Order and Delivery

How can I place an order with Hood and Doyle?

​Select the hoodies that you would like to buy either on our website, or via the shops on social media. You will pre able to choose which hoodie style you would like by selecting the relevant product cross neck hoodie, organic cotton hoodie or lightweight hoodie. You can choose which colour hoodie you would like to purchase and can see the product images on the hoodie listing to work out which you prefer. If you would like a particular design on a hoodie that isn’t listed, or in a vinyl colour, drop us an email at and we shall see what we can do.

Delivery timescales

We will endeavour to get your Hood & Doyle hoodie to you as soon as possible. We aim to send out your Hoodie the same day it is ordered (up to 4pm) with a view that you receive it within 2 to 3 working days. We know our customers want to be able to wear their new Hood & Doyle hoodie as soon as possible, so we work hard to make sure you receive it as quickly as we can! All of our hoodies are sent by Royal Mail first class postage and you are not charged for delivery.

Social Responsibility

Do you invest in your local community?

​We invest in our local community through making sure that a local charity is one of the main recipients of the monetary donations that we raise. In this case, we have selected Northampton’s Hope centre, for all the amazing work that they do within the local community. We wanted to support a charity that helps support people on the streets into safe accommodation and yet this charity does this and so much more. You can find out more about our charity support here. We are so proud to be able to support them. We shall ensure that any hoodies returned to us for recycling are cleaned/made good and given to members of the local community through the charitable channels. We have sourced a local printer to cover our hoodie label needs, who supplies us with recycled materials. We shall continue to endeavour to use local suppliers/wholesalers as is practical and possible, not just to support and invest back into our local community but also to reduce down our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Which charities do Hood and Doyle support?

​As indicated previously, we shall be donating £4 from the sale of each and every Hood & Doyle Hoodie to charity. Originally we were going to support a local and a national charity but we are so focussed on supporting our local area that we want to raise as much money as possible for them. We have chosen the Hope Centre, Northampton for all of the amazing work that they do. More details can be found here. We will update at the end of every month, how much has been raised that month and evidence that the monies have been given to the charity. We will also use the website to promote the work of the local charity so our customers can have more insight and understanding into what their money will go towards/contribute to.

What is a socially good hood?

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