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Life is there to be lived, get out there and enjoy the world!


We all lead busy lives these days, but sometimes it’s busy doing the wrong things.

Don't be a busy fool and make time for the things that feed your soul.

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Hit the open road in our outdoors hoodies range. Hand printed hoodies made to order from our Northamptonshire design studio.

As the old saying goes “Get busy living or get busy dying!” Life is there to be lived, so make some time to do the things that you love. Being in the green is great for our mental health and it is important to keep moving throughout the day. If you do a mainly desk based job, you may not be getting as much exercise as you need to and if you have been juggling working from home and homeschooling, you may have been working into the small hours like we were.  Often we're very busy but busy doing the wrong things, things that don't make us happy or bring us joy. So get out and get busy doing the things that bring you happiness and enjoyment. Life is short, we don't know what might happen, so make the most of it. Live it and get busy doing more of the things that you love. 

Hood and Doyle is a family run business producing hand printed hoodies, from our Northamptonshire design studio. We have a range of ethically sourced and responsibly made hoodies, which we hand print in statement and unique designs.  We wanted to do things differently, so all of our hoodies include a donation to a local (Northamptonshire based) and a national homeless charity. You can follow our progress here. 



Our range of hoodies can be sent to a loved one as a gift, though you might find you want to buy two of them! Find supersoft hoodies, cowl neck hooded sweatshirts,  organic cotton hoodies and light weight hooded sweats.


Our hoodies are all unisex. If you see a design you like and would rather the print was in a different colour, you can request this when you place your order. 


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