spreading kindness with this statement hoodie

Together we can be a force for good


We all need kindness in our lives too. As bees like to spread pollen, our job as people is to spread our own positivity and friendliness too!

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Bee Friendly Hoodie _ Cowl Neck from Hoo
Bee Friendly - supporting bees with free
Getting out in the green with a Hood and


Our sustainable fashion hoodies are ideal for layering up with.

We design all hoodies to order in our Northamptonshire design studio.

Bee’s are one of the most important creatures we have in this world. Their continued presence and role within nature is crucial for local eco-systems. We at Hood & Doyle are big bee lovers. We have bee friendly flowers in our garden and will rush out with some sugared water if any of the little flying wizards are struggling.


Bee friendly is also about being helpful not just to bees but to our fellow humans. Even little gestures of friendliness, a smile, a helping hand can mean a huge deal to people especially if they are having a bad day. As bees like to spread pollen, our job as people is to spread some positivity and friendliness! 


Get out in the green

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We're Hood and Doyle hoodies, a new clothing brand that sells ethically sourced and responsibly made hoodies. Our design studio is based in Northamptonshire and we design statement hoodies and other stylish designs to head outdoors in or cosy up when working from home.


We wanted to do things differently, so we created these socially good hoods, where all of our hoodies include a £4 donation split between a local (Northamptonshire based charity) and a national homeless charity. We'll be updating you on where your donations have been going on our charity page here